Tony Sandler
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Aging like a fine wine, Tony Sandler remains in top form and voice, staying true to his talent and captivating audiences in Europe and America with his mellifluous voice, his intimate "man-of-the-world" charm, and his powerful delivery of the most romantic songs ever written. This charismatic international entertainer is better than ever for having lived the life of what he sings. Tony brings the grace and experience of his 50-years on stage to arouse the senses of audiences of every ilk and age with a delicate blend of humor, melancholy, and passion, clearly transportig people to the place of their fantasies.

TONY SANDLER's success as a young, charismatic and multi-lingual singer/entertainer made him a top recording artist as well as a star on stage, television, and cinema throughout Europe. This led to his 1963 debut in the United States with the hit review,"Casino de Paris,' in Las Vegas. Here he met Ralph Young, and the two were teamed up to become the hot debonair singing duo, Sandler & Young, for 20 fabulously successful years of performing and recording. They and their prime time TV show remain in the memory of entertainment's elite with their own star in the sidewalk in Palm Springs

Continuing his own legacy, Tony captivates audiences on both sides of the Atlantic. In this age of entertainment imitations, Tony Sandler is the real thing! He is the last of an era. His program is drawn from a songbook of the most familiar and popular songs of his era - an evening of memories and romance.